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Τ: 2107235813, 2107235860 12:00-23:00

The IT Bakery

  • Rocky Bar
    cookie base with nuts and chocolate 2,70
  • Healthy Bar
    handmade cereal bar 2,00
  • Oatmeal cookie 2,20
  • Chocolate Brownie 2,40
  • Cake of the day 2,20
  • Cinnamon sticks (4pics) 2,00

Brunch IT

  • Yogurt with homemade granola, seasonal fruits and thyme honey 5,50
  • Seasonal fruit salad with citrus juice, thyme honey, lime, spearmint and almond flakes 4,50
  • Poached eggs on sourdough rye bread with quinoa tabbouleh and avocado cream with tahini 7,50
  • Avocado toast with sunny side up egg, haloumi cheese, bacon and tomato chutney 9,50
  • Omelette with sun-dried tomatoes,“katiki” goat cheese and thyme 8,00
  • Eggs whites omelette with spinach, bell peppers, quinoa and coconut oil 8,00

IT snacks & starters

  • Sweet potato spicy hummus
    with cinnamon , pumpkin seeds and pita crisps 4,50
  • Homemade pie
    with seasonal greens, traditional feta cheese and pine nuts 7,00
  • Artichokes, zucchini,
    red peppers and Kalamata olives with yogurt sauce 6,00
  • Marinated green beans
    with sweet potato, tomato, tahini cream and grilled halloumi cheese 8,00
  • Potato chips
    with truffle oil, fresh thyme and parmesan 4,50
  • Potatoes from Cyprus
    with traditional feta cheese and rosemary 3,80
  • 100% handmade bread 1,50

The IT salad

  • Greek tomato with “katiki” goat cheese
    capers, cucumber, Kalamata olives, pepers, oregano, carob honey, roasted buckwheat, spearmint and extra virgin olive oil 7,50
  • Green salad with rocket, caramelized manouri cheese,
    pear, pine nuts, spearmint, aged vinegar vinaigrette and dried Kymi figs 8,00
  • Green salad with fresh chicken,
    coriander, avocado, radish, pumpkin seeds, herbs, sesame and sesame oil vinaigrette 8,50
  • Caesar with fresh chicken,
    bacon, corn, parmesan chips and Caesar dressing 8,00
  • Green leaves with fresh salmon,
    marinated celeriac root, radish, dill, sesame, avocado and honey vinaigrette 10,00
  • Nicoise with fresh marinated tuna,
    sweet potato, endive, cucumber, celeriac root, lettuce, olives, capers, egg and mustard vinaigrette 13,50
  • Quinoa (bio) with avocado,
    corn, roasted carrots, traditional feta cheese and tahini cream 9,50
  • Quinoa (bio) with marinated shrimps*,
    kale, fresh coriander, celery and miso vinaigrette 12,00
  • Lentils (bio) and black-eyed peas salad
    with caramelized onions, carrot, celery, cherry tomatoes, baby rocket and traditional feta cheese 6,00
  • Fresh seasonal greens with tomato dressing,
    Aegina pistachios, myzithra cheese, herbs and chili 6,50

As main as IT gets

  • Dish of the day
    Please ask for details
  • Ravioli with anthotyro cheese
    basil pesto and parmesan chips 8,00
  • Penne with fresh salmon,
    kale, plant based cream dill and lime zest 14,00
  • Traditional pasta “skioufichta” with fresh chicken
    basil pesto, spinach and myzithra cheese 11,00
  • Fresh chicken breast marinated with yogurt
    and sour milk with basmati rice, sesame and parsley 12,00
  • Naked chicken burger
    with sweet-and-sour sauce and green salad 11,00
  • Crispy chicken nuggets
    with fresh potato chips and spicy mayo 13,50
  • Beef burger
    with gruyere cheese, caramelized onion and potatoes from Cyprus 14,00
  • Naked Beef burger
    with guacamole, tomato and black rice with herbs 14,00
  • Salmon fillet
    with carrot salad, parsley, avocado, fresh onion, sesame and lime 18,50

The IT Sides

  • Basmati rice
    with lemon, sesame and parsley 4,00
  • Black rice
    with chili and herbs 4,00
  • Quinoa (bio)
    with avocado and lemon-oil dressing 6,00
  • Green salad
    with spearmint, cherry tomatoes and carrot 4,00

IT's all Vegan

Coconut yogurt with homemade granola, and seasonal fruits 5,50

Seasonal fruit salad with citrus juice, lime, spearmint and almond flakes  4,50

Sweet potato spicy hummus with cinnamon, pumpkin seeds and pita crisps  4,50

Potatoes from Cyprus with rosemary  3,50

Fresh potato chips with oregano 3,80

Lentils (bio) and black-eyed peas vegan salad with caramelized onions, carrot, celery, cherry tomatoes and baby rocket  5,80

Quinoa (bio) with avocado, corn, roasted carrots and tahini cream 9,00

Homemade vegan pie with seasonal greens and pine nuts 6,50

Artichokes, zucchini, red peppers and Kalamata olives with oil-lemon sauce 6,00

Vegan Mille-Feuille 5,00

Light Tiramisu with dark chocolate 6,00

TIme to detox. Just do IT !

In collaboration with Verve Juices we’ve prepared two cleansing diet plans for all of you who wish to:

🍏 Rejuvenate your digestive system and allow your body to eliminate toxins

🍏 Reduce coffee, sugar and processed foods consumption

🍏 Boost your energy

🍏 Nourish and hydrate your body

These plans are an easy, effective and safe way to give an energy boost to your body and

detoxify it without skipping food. They are a balanced choice for a detox diet.


3 DAYS detox planIT festive menu

5 DAYS detox till nightIT festive menu


Both, the IT Company & Verve Juices, collaborate and consult nutritionists to provide nutritious and healthy food choices, but we are not medical organizations. We recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a detoxification program.


Available daily* from 21/01/21

*Pre–order your plan 48 hrs in advance.

Coffee & more

Speciality espresso: TAF Pianeta light blue
Available 12:00 – 18:00

Espresso single 1,60 | double 2,00

Freddo Espresso 2,00

Cappuccino single 1,90 | double 2,40

Freddo Cappuccino 2,20

Latte hot 2,30 | iced 2,60

Matcha latte 4,50

Organic filter coffee direct distillation 1,90

Frappe 2,00

Matcha Green Booster (Matcha Ninja®, ginger syrup, honey and spearmint)  4,00

Chocolate (Deluxe 40% cocoa, Salty caramel,  Orange & cinnamon) 2,60

Bio Suki Tea (green tea, breakfast, earl gray blue flower, peppermint) 2,00

*almond/oat milk  + 0,40

Juices & more

Juice IT up by Verve

    • Big Apple
      green apple, lemon, ginger 4,50
    • Beet Boost
      carrot, beetroot, apple, orange, celery, ginger, turmeric 4,50
    • Root Guard
      carrot, orange, pineapple, ginger, lemongrass 4,50

Herbal Ice Tea by Grizo Prasino 

    • Χana & xana
      rosemary, lemon verbena and marshmallow 4,50
    • Pu & pu
      calendula, sage, mint 4,50
    • Egw & Esu Portokali
      lemon verbena, calendula, orange peel & spearmint 4,50


  • Coca Cola | Light | Zero 250ml 1,20
  • Sparkling Water 250ml 1,50
  • Mastiqua
    sparkling drink with mastiha water 330ml 3,80
  • Natural Spring Water 1lt 1,50
  • Three cents
    Pink Grapefruit soda | Ginger beer 200ml 2,20


  • FIX Hellas | Lager 330ml 3,00
  • FIX (non alcohol) 330ml 2,50
  • FIX Dark | Premium Dark Lager 330ml 3,00
  • ΝISSOS | Pilsner 330ml 4,00


Food Service Controller: Chrisoula Gravia.
Prices are final with all legal charges included.
Consumer is not obliged to pay if the notice of payment (receipt) has not been received.
Please inform us while ordering if you are allergic to any food items before you order. We cannot guarantee the absence of allergens in our dishes, due to being produced in a kitchen that contains allergens.
Consuming food cooked less than well done may increase the risk of foodborne illnesses, particularly for those who are young, elderly, pregnant or anyone with a weaker immune system.

We use extra virgin olive oil in our salads and sunflower oil for frying.
* frozen product

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